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Initiatives and Standing Committees

Campus Community Risk Team

Standing Committees

Academic Council

The Academic Council is the principal collegial administrative unit that represents the academic interests of the faculty to the President and Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.  It also represents the President and Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs to the faculty.  It is responsible for implementing University academic policies.

The Academic Council shall be responsible for overall academic planning in the University, subject to the direction and approval of the President.  Any committee dealing with academic planning shall be structured as committees of the Academic Council, reporting through the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs to the President.


Academic Integrity Committee

The Academic Integrity Committee monitors policies and procedures pertaining to academic integrity, shares best practices where applicable, and advises the Provost on academic integrity issues.


Academic Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (ALOA)

Emergency Operations Planning and Response Team

The Emergency Operations Planning and Response Team was established in October, 2011 by President Charles J. Dougherty.  The committee builds upon the work of the ad hoc committee that recently updated the Emergency Operations Plan.  The purpose of the committee is: 1) to update and maintain a current Emergency Operations Plan; and 2) to coordinate training and development opportunities for University personnel as needed to carry out the Emergency Operations Plan.


Enrollment Management Committee

The Enrollment Management Committee is a University-wide committee whose purpose is to advise the Provost on issues of enrollment management.  It represents the Provost’s office, Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Life, Registrar, Budget and Planning and Institutional Research.


Faculty Senate


Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is an advisory body to the Provost and Academic Council and serves as the primary University-wide group to address issues related to graduate studies.  The Graduate Council reviews and evaluates proposals for new graduate programs, suspension of programs, or closure of programs.  It reviews proposals for any administrative entity which grants graduate credit, such as centers and institutes. Read more.

Graduate Council Membership Statement

Institutional Effectiveness Committee

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) serves as an advisory group to the Associate Provost/Associate Academic Vice President for Academic Affairs on issues related to assessment processes across the University.


NCAA Academic Integrity Committee

The purpose of the NCAA Academic Integrity Committee is to ensure that the athletics academic support services are approved and reviewed periodically by academic authorities outside the athletics department.  This committee meets at least once each year, or more frequently if necessary.


Service Learning Advisory Committee

The Service-Learning Advisory Committee was established in 2003 to cultivate campus-wide engagement with service-learning. Learn more about how this is done...


Undergraduate Retention Committee


University Grievance Committee for Faculty

The University Grievance Committee for Faculty, elected by the faculty, is responsible for receiving and investigating grievances according to due process procedures originating in the office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. The committee’s charge is to assure the proper applications of the rules and criteria which the schools and/or the University have adopted or, in the absence of specified regulations, have historically applied. The grievance process is documented in the Faculty Handbook, Appendix D.


University Interdisciplinary Curriculum Committee

The University Interdisciplinary Curriculum Committee (UICC) supports the development of interdisciplinary programming at Duquesne. Consisting of faculty members who represent each college/school of the university, the committee is led by a Chair who consults with the Provost as needed.  Learn more about the UICC...


University Library Committee

The purposes of the University Library Committee (ULC) are: to advise the Provost and the University Librarian on the formulation of library policy in relation to the development of resources for instruction and research; on the formulation of policy for the allocation of library resources; on the development of library facilities; and on the development of a general program of library services to Duquesne University as a whole within the framework of the Mission.  The ULC also provides a forum for communication and discussion about library-related concerns.


Academic Initiatives

Distance Learners

Learning Outcomes Assessment

University CORE Curriculum