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WEAVEonline - Get it Done!

Tuesday, May 14, 1-3:30 pm
Location: 108 Canevin Hall
Facilitators: Elaine Abbott, Nancy Schmidt, Laurel Willingham-McLain, Sarah Woodley
Please RSVP to cte@duq.edu by May 10. Seating is limited.

Join us for training in how to document student learning assessment for your program in WEAVEonline. All academic programs are required to do this by September 1, 2013.  The software is simple, and you will spend the bulk of the time building the WEAVEonline area for your program with people on hand to answer questions.

Invited: Faculty and department chairs. Administrative assistants are welcome to join with a faculty member or chair from their program.

Prior to the workshop be sure you have access to WEAVEonline and are designated with a role that lets you write materials (e.g., entity administrator; entity - write and review). See how-to's on training document in DORI > WEAVEonline (with multi-pass).

What to bring: (in addition to your laptop computer).

1. Learning goals for the program (there is room in the software for broad goals and more focused objectives; you don't have to have both levels)

If the following items don't make sense to you or are a work-in-progress, just bring what you have.

2. Connections you make between outcomes/objectives and:
a. your program goals, if relevant
b. Dimensions of a Duquesne Education,
c. core curriculum outcomes (if applicable)
d. national disciplinary standards, and
e. School and/or Duquesne strategic plans.

3. Measures: Methods you use to gauge the achievement of learning outcomes/objectives.

4. Targets for the measures: Your statement of the overall level for satisfactory performance on a measure-objective combination.

5. Findings/results from recent assessment activity.

For more information see the training document online. Page 2 outlines what is required in the database.

Please RSVP to cte@duq.edu by May 10. Seating is limited.