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The Administrative Policies


Paid vacation time is administered on an anniversary year basis and is available after the completion of one year of full-time continuous service. Only vacation purchased through DUFlex is available during the first 12 months of employment.

A. Vacation is available on the following basis:

Clerical/Secretarial Employees
1 through 4 years .................. 10 working days
5 through 15 years ............... .15 working days
16 through 21 years .............. 20 working days
22 years and over ..................25 working days

Administrative and Professional Employees

After one year of service ..........................22 days

B. The following guidelines apply in the administration of vacation benefits:

Vacation pay is based on the regular salary

Employees with greater seniority are given preference, within a department and job classification, for vacation time when this is not inconsistent with departmental objectives.

Vacation time may be scheduled at any time during the year with the approval of the department head. Lead time and advance notice may be required. Employee is responsible for requesting and accurately reporting time taken in accordance with departmental and University procedures. Vacation time must be taken before the anniversary year ends. Vacation time not taken prior to year-end will be forfeited.

Where full vacation time is not taken during the anniversary year due to circumstances beyond the control of the employee, it may be carried over only with the written approval of the divisional vice president. To insure accurate tracking of the vacation carryover, the Office of Human Resource Management must also receive a copy of the Vice Presidential approval. This vacation time will not be subject to payment should the employee subsequently terminate.

Division Heads, Deans, and Senior Department Heads are responsible for effectively managing and accurately tracking vacation eligibility and time taken for the administrative staff in their area or responsibility.

Medical leaves or other absences that exceed one month are not credited to service required for paid vacation time. Vacation time granted will be prorated based on time worked.

Payment for unused vacation may be available only to terminating employees with one or more years of service. This will not include approved carryover vacation not yet taken. There is no option to provide payment in lieu of forfeited or unused vacation for any other reason.

Vacation purchased under the DUFlex benefits plan is subject to tax code regulations and, therefore, must be taken in the plan year for which it is purchased (generally July 1 through June 30).

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