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The Administrative Policies


All administrative/professional appointments are subject to the terms of the University Charter, Bylaws, Executive Resolutions and the Mission Statement.

Exempt employees will be provided at the time of hiring a letter of appointment, which identifies or includes by reference to other documents, the terms and conditions of employment, a position description outlining responsibilities and the level of compensation. A copy of the letter of appointment must be signed by the appointee and returned to the writer and a copy must be sent to the Office of Human Resource Management for implementation of salary and benefits entitlement. (See copies of appropriate letters attached: attachments 1 to 9.) A letter of appointment is not considered an employment contract. Employment is at the will of the University and is not an appointment for any specified period of time.

The appointment of an exempt employee may be terminated by the University for any reason.

These downloadable documents are available through the Administrative Policies site accessed through the DORI Index:

Letter of Appointment from the President to Vice Presidents and other Executives reporting to the President.

Letter of Appointment from Vice Presidents to Directors and Department Heads and other Administrative/Professional Personnel reporting to the Vice Presidents.

Letter of Appointment from Deans, Directors and Department Heads to Administrative/ Professional Personnel reporting to Deans, Directors or Department Heads.

Letter of Appointment from President to Academic Deans.

Letter of Reappointment from Vice President to Academic Deans.

Letter of Reappointment from Vice President to Directors and Administrators.

Letter of Reappointment from Vice President to Directors of Programs.

Letter of Reappointment from Vice President to Spiritan Fathers.

Employment Offer from Dean, Director and Department Heads/Managers to full-time non-exempt, hourly paid support staff.

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