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Spiritan Identity

Duquesne University will continue to emphasize our Spiritan identity and mission.

As America’s only Spiritan university, Duquesne bears a singular responsibility to reflect the distinctive charism of our sponsoring congregation. The Spiritan call emphasizes service to the poor and suffering; commitment to justice in all forms and expressions; and interreligious understanding that welcomes all and excludes none. As Spiritan priorities evolve in response to a changing world, Duquesne adapts to more fully embrace emerging Spiritan imperatives such as preserving the integrity of God’s creation through environmental stewardship. While Spiritans serve on six continents, many of their efforts and a majority of their new confreres—are in Africa. Thus, Duquesne will take a leading role in outreach to Africa and Africans everywhere.

  1. Links between Duquesne University and the world-wide Spiritan mission will be strengthened.
  2. Service to others will be a theme throughout the Duquesne experience.
  3. Duquesne students will be made aware of the problems of poverty, unjust structures, and the degradation of the environment in their own society and around the world.
  4. Issues of peace, justice and respect for the integrity of creation will be highlighted in faculty research projects.
  5. The continent of Africa will receive special focus, as well as the global African diaspora.
  6. There will be new outreach to the poor in Pittsburgh, particularly in the Hill District.
  7. Steps will be taken to ensure that relationships on campus are consistent with our mission, especially regarding civility and mutual respect.
  8. The Catholic identity of Duquesne University will be strengthened while preserving our commitments to ecumenism and inclusion.
  9. New models of connecting mission and ministry will be explored.