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Student Experience

Duquesne University will further enhance the quality of our students’ experience.

“Duquesne serves God by serving students.” Our simple, straightforward statement of mission is at the core of all we do, yet realizing this goal is a highly complex matter. Student satisfaction results from a wide range of factors—from the quality of academic programs to the quality of food in the dining halls. We have been remarkably successful in attracting and retaining an increasingly talented, motivated and diverse student body; this momentum must be maintained and accelerated. Through sensitivity and responsiveness to a variety of concerns, Duquesne will serve the minds, hearts and spirits of today’s students, thus nurturing lifelong affinity among alumni.

  1. Freshman admissions will continue to become more selective. The percentage of legacy freshmen will increase.
  2. The student body will become more diverse and support for human diversity will become a commitment of all students.
  3. The quality of the student experience will promote life-long bonding to the University and continued engagement of alumni.
  4. The graduate student experience will be assessed and improved.
  5. There will be improved assessment of all student outcomes and those assessments will be used for systematic enhancements.
  6. Intentional collaborations between Student Life and Academic Affairs will be increased.
  7. Housing facilities will be improved, as well as facilities for commuter students.
  8. Duquesne athletes will perform at the top of their conferences in sports and in academic performance.
  9. The development of campus will continue with emphasis on functionality, beauty and sustainability.