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    Managing Email - Best Practices


    This information is intended to introduce to you several suggestions on how to be a “good citizen” in terms of using Duquesne email. Like any community, using email properly consists of avoiding certain behaviors. Below you will find a brief list of what to do and what to avoid:


    • Report Spam/Phishing/Virus emails to Microsoft directly at
    • Clean up your mail: Delete messages that you no longer need—some common practices include emptying your trash and outgoing mail folders. This applies especially to attachments that you may have, which fill up your mailbox far more quickly than standard messages.
    • Attend to your mailbox quota: As a Duquesne University email user, you will be notified by email when you reach 75%, 90%, and 95% of your allocated storage space. Upon reaching 95%, you will be notified daily. See the document on “Account Over Quota” for specific instruction.
    • Store large attachments locally: If you need to save attachments, or even large messages, download them to your hard drive.


    • Respond to any email with confidential information (username, password, social security number, etc.). No legitimate business will ever ask for this information via email.
    • Click on links or attachments in email unless you are expecting them.
    • Send out mass mailings: SPAM taxes server and network resources unnecessarily, and most people delete the messages without reading them anyway.
    • Send out large attachments: For some users, large attachments take extended periods to download. Use good judgment before sending attachments.


    Call the CTS Help Desk at 412-396-4357 or 1-888-355-8226 or email if you have any questions or comments on this information.