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    Network - Connecting On Campus

    Faculty, staff, & administrators connecting wired in a DU building

    If you are a faculty, staff, or administrator attempting to connect to the campus network with a DU owned machine, you should be able to simply start  the computer and it will already be connected. New faculty, however, may first need to make sure that they have an available internet connection or port; more information on this subject is available in the page on Port Activation.  All active employees can use DuqNet wireless to connect with DU owned or personal machines with wireless capability.

    Students connecting in the LLCs
    Below is a brief summary of what you will find on this document:

    LLC General Info

    Every Living Learning Center room is wireless and most have wired connections available to the campus network, and to the greater Internet. These connections are high-speed connections.

    All active students can use DuqNet wireless in the LLC's and all over campus.  Alternatively a wired network connection per person is available in most LLC rooms.


    Duquesne University has adopted a standard security policy that requires all devices to use WPA2 Enterprise encryption, in order to gain access Duquesne University's Wifi, DuqNet. We enforce using WPA2 Enterprise encryption to maintain the security of our network so that your connection, data, and transactions are secure and protected.

    If your device is not WPA2 Enterprise compliant we recommend that you contact your manufacturer for the most recent updates available.

    We recommend your device and operating system be newer than 3 years old and (for laptops/devices) have wireless capability (with WPA2 Enterprise encryption) and (for desktops and laptops) have an ethernet port, a USB port, and licensed versions of your software including operating system and backup/recovery media.

    Steps to Getting Connected

    1. Make sure you know your MultiPass credentials, if not go here and setup or reset your password. (
    2. Connect to DuqNet wireless or Plug in to the wired network (in your LLC room)
      1. Click Here for DuqNet setup info.
    3. Install Agent & Authenticate to the Network
      1. Open your internet browser and follow the on-screen prompts to install the Agent and Authenticate
      2. If you don't see the "Welcome to Duquesne University's Network" page, go here in your browser,
      3. Detailed instructions for Mac
      4. Detailed instructions for Windows

    If you experience difficulty, we ask that you consult our documentation on the web (using a lab or friend's machine) with some quick fixes for a connection problem. You can access this information above. If you still experience difficulty after consulting the website, you can reach the Help Desk at 412-396-4357 or or at the 2nd Floor Union in our Service Center.