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Network - DuqNet WiFi

Duquesne University has adopted a standard security policy that requires all devices to use WPA2 Enterprise encryption, in order to gain access Duquesne University's Wifi, DuqNet. We enforce using WPA2 Enterprise encryption to maintain the security of our network so that your connection, data, and transactions are secure and protected.

If your device is not WPA2 Enterprise compliant we recommend that you contact your manufacturer for the most recent updates available.

For more information on the wireless program here at Duquesne, please select from the links below:

Step 1, Connect to DuqNet, Step 2, Download the Agent, Step 3 Authenticate Now

Step 1, Connect to DuqNet

Step 2, Download the Agent, Step 3 Authenticate Now

Detailed Instructions:

  • Mac

    • NOTE: the Cyber Gatekeeper Agent is an unverified publisher in iOS so you will get an error popup when you try to run it.
      To install: Download Cyber Gatekeeper agent, Open the software, Get the error regarding unverified publisher, Click ok, Right click (or control click) the Agent Software, and Click open, The Agent software should run now.
  • Win

  • Linux (coming soon! can still connect below)

Both of these steps can be done here:

Locations for DuqNet wireless access

Currently DuqNet wireless is available in most locations across campus (see the map below).

Click here for coverage map.


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Does your computer meet the requirements for DuqNet wireless

All new Duquesne owned laptops are configured for DuqNet wireless.

DuqNet Wifi requires that devices use WPA2 Enterprise encryption to connect.  Most personally owned laptops and devices are able to connect to DuqNet if they are 3 years old or newer (machine and Operating System).  If your device is not, please contact the manufacturer to get an update to make it WPA2 Enterprise compatible.

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