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    Network - DuqNet WiFi

    For a full pdf of our network policy please click here

    Machines owned and operated by Duquesne University are pre-configured for wireless and do not require the following setup.

    DuqNet Wifi

    Duquesne University has adopted a standard security policy that requires all devices to use WPA2 Enterprise encryption, in order to gain access Duquesne University's Wifi, DuqNet. We enforce using WPA2 Enterprise encryption to maintain the security of our network so that your connection, data, and transactions are secure and protected.

    If your device is not WPA2 Enterprise compliant we recommend that you contact your manufacturer for the most recent updates available.

    Configuring systems for DuqNet Wireless


    Please note: Most devices connect just by entering your multipass username and password.

    Wired Network


    Students connecting in the LLC's

    Ethernet ports to hardwire machine should be available in most of LLC rooms, other buildings have been designed for wireless only. Wired connections also require that Cyber Gatekeeper be installed before the machine will connect.

    Steps to getting connected
    1. Make sure you know your multipass credentials, if you have not done this yet please do that here
    2. Plug into the wired network
    3. Once you are plugged into the network you should be redirected to our authentication here. Follow these steps to install the Gatekeeper.
    4. Once CyberGatekeeper has been installed and you have authenticated you should have access.