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Network - Guest Access

To provide internet services to guests of Duquesne University we have devised the following guidelines for the protection and security of our systems.

Vendors, Contractors, & Consultants (including external Auditors)

Please contact the CTS Help Desk to begin the process of evaluating your computer for addition to our network.  A technician will have to physically visit the machine (or it can be dropped off at the Help Desk) to be evaluated and verified free of spyware and viruses.  We require that the machine has an updated anti-virus program installed.

Guests for Special Events

The sponsor (Duquesne University employee) must borrow a loaner laptop from the Media Services & Distribution Center (412-396-4614) for the guest to gain internet access via the wired network.

Conference Participants

Conference Services will need to request to have a guest account set up on the wireless network.  This needs to be made in advance through the conference coordinator who is a DU employee.  Guest wireless is only available in the Power Center ballroom, Student Union, & Gumberg Library.

Individual Guest Wireless Accounts

Non-Duquesne University users will not have access to join the wireless network.