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DuqNet is Duquesne University's high-speed wireless network and provides wireless connectivity across all campus buildings and in many outdoor areas. It is available to the campus community. Campus affiliates may also request a DuqNet Guest wireless account to share with guests they are hosting on campus.

For a full PDF of our network policy please click here

Connecting to DuqNet Wireless

Most devices connect simply by choosing DuqNet and entering your MultiPass username and password. If additional help is needed, please consult the guides below for your device's specific Operating System.

Windows 7

Windows 8




Windows 10

To connect gaming and streaming devices to the wireless network, please see our DuqNet IoT page.

Windows 10 connection issues.

DuqNet Guest WIFI Access

The DuqNet Guest network is reserved for visiting guests and speakers of the university. DuqNet Guest credentials may only be requested by a Duquesne staff or faculty member. Requests can be submitted directly to help@duq.edu

When you submit your request via email, please include the name of your guest, the purpose of the account, and the dates for which the account will be required.

Xfinity On Campus (XOC)

Xfinity On Campus (XOC) is designed for students living in on-campus housing, and is included as part of the students' housing fees. Using their school credentials, students living on campus can login to XOC, allowing them to:

  • access over 90 "TV Everywhere" apps when off-campus
  • Stream live TV and thousands of Xfinity On Demand shows and movies directly to their laptop, desktop, and mobile devices (including Apple, Android, and Kindle) all while staying connected to your campus network.

How do I access it?

For full access, students must be connected to either DuqNet or DuqNet-IoT. However, some free TV content (TV Go & TV Everywhere) is available off campus as long as the student is registered as an on-campus resident.You can access streaming TV and content from any supported browser.

To access Xfinity on Campus:
  1. go to xfinityoncampus.com
  2. select Duquesne University as your school
  3. enter your MultiPass username and password when prompted

For a walkthrough on how to connect, and for answers to some frequently asked questions, see here.

How do I contact for support?

For technical assistance, please contact the CTS Help Desk at 412.396.4357 or by emailing help@duq.edu.

For billing or subscription assistance, please go to support.xfinityoncampus.com.

Network FAQ's

What does my tuition pay for in respect to the internet connection in my room?

All Living Learning Centers (LLCs) have been updated with state-of-the-art wireless technology. However, some newer peer-to peer applications, gaming consoles, wireless routers, and other recreational devices have a significant impact on our online services, which are for primary administrative, academic, educational, and research use.

DuqNet does require WPA2 Enterprise level encryption for traffic on the network. If your device is not WPA2 Enterprise compliant, we recommend that you contact your manufacturer for the most recent updates available.

Are you blocking any web sites or applications?

Duquesne Univeristy does not block any internet sites or applications that use the internet.

Academic usage has top priority on the network.

Can I bring a wireless router, FTP server, or web server onto campus?

The policy for student use of the campus network does not permit the operation of a server or router of any kind on the campus network. Servers and routers of this kind will not operate on the residential network.