The Center for the Catholic Intellectual Tradition

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    Catholic Artistic Imagination

    We are pleased to offer this series of informal receptions exploring the idea of Catholic artistic imagination. Our aims are to:

    • foster a broad and inclusive understanding of Catholic intellectual tradition
    • promote collegiality and collaboration across divisional and disciplinary boundaries
    • create conditions in which cross-disciplinary scholarship may emerge
    • showcase the artistic and intellectual expertise and gifts of Duquesne faculty, graduate students and staff
      share beautiful works of art with interesting people

    Our receptions are open to faculty, staff and graduate students. In future years, we hope to explore different artistic mediums, including music, literature, and the performing arts. Already our efforts this year are sparking complementary initiatives on campus and promoting awareness of collaborative opportunities. Suggestions and feedback are most welcome.

    Upcoming Presentations:

    Memory, Time and Sacred Proportion in the Music of Guillaume Du Fay
    November 18, 2014
    4:00-5:30 PM
    Union 613

    Professor Jessica Wiskus will lead attendees through an experiential encounter with the influential 15 century Renaissance composer, Guillaume Du Fay. We will listen to his musical masterpiece, Missa Se la face ay pale. A beautiful and haunting work, the sacred symbols within the music begin to reveal themselves only after careful study. From the philosophy of Plato to the visionary writings of St. Augustine, we will explore some of the thinking that informs Du Fay's musical imagination, focusing on the way that his music uses proportion to create an overlap of "past" and "present" and lead the listener to an intimation of eternity. Finally, we will listen several times to the Gloria of Du Fay's mass, experiencing for ourselves the rhythms and repetitions that express the music's sacred meaning. As usual we will enjoy cocktails and hors d'oevres in a relaxed and collegial setting. Faculty, staff, and graduate students are welcome to attend. Space is limited.

    RSVP to Judi O'Brien at  The Center for the Catholic Intellectual Tradition

    Gregorian Chant: Liturgical Music and Catholic Intellectualism

    December 10, 2014
    4:00-5:30 PM
    Chapel of the Holy Spirit
    Reception following in Union 613