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African Studies Major and Minor

African Studies Undergraduate Major

The Center for African Studies offers a major to interested undergraduates. Any student can choose African Studies as a second major to complement her/his major in any other department. The African Studies major is not a "stand alone" major; in other words, it must accompany another major. Students taking the major are required to take a total of 30 credit hours.

  • These courses must be taken in at least two disciplines cross-listed with African Studies.
  • Students are required to:
    • Take AFST 150, Introduction to African Studies
    • Take a course in a contemporary African language
    • Fulfill a study-abroad program in Africa OR a 3 credit internship that deals with Africa, the Diaspora, or similar subjects, with the approval of the African Studies Director.
  • Students may seek permission from the Center for African Studies to substitute one course not cross-listed with the African Studies program. The course should include identifiable content devoted to the study of Africa, and the student must be able to do a significant project or assignment based within the field of African studies. The student must submit a short proposal to the Center for African Studies by mid-term of the semester in which the course is taken, explaining how the student plans to fulfill the requirement. This proposal must be approved and signed by the course instructor
  • Students may seek permission from the Center for African Studies to take one directed reading course for AFST credit
  • The ability for courses to count for more than one requirement (e.g. double counting) will follow University policy


Students taking the African Studies minor will be required to take a minimum of 15 credits in African Studies courses that must include the 3 credits interdisciplinary

Introduction to African Studies course and a minimum of 3 credits in courses outside of their departmental major. Students completing the minor must have taken courses from at least two different disciplines

This minor will be available to all students at the University and courses for the minor may count towards another minor/major. Courses can qualify as African Studies courses if they have a minimum of 25% African focused content and students can petition the director of the Center to have courses not currently listed as African Studies (e.g. a directed readings course or a course taken while studying in Africa) count toward the minor.

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