Gerald M. Boodoo

Director of the Center for African Studies
621 Fisher Hall
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282
Phone: 412.396.1929

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    List of Courses for the African Studies Minor

    150 Introduction to African Studies
    201 Human Security in Sub-Saharan Africa
    203 Leadership in Africa
    204 Approaches to Black and African Theologies
    206 Imagining Africa (Maymester Study Abroad)
    209 African Philosophy
    217 Philosophy in African Literature
    222 Introduction to Peace and Justice
    224 African Political Philosophy
    230 Religion and Literature in Africa
    231 Precolonial Africa
    251 African History
    280 Faith and Reason (Summer Study Abroad)
    316 The Musics of Africa
    322 Global Literature Survey (Focus on Africa)
    324 Cultural Applications in Clinical Practice
    335 Psychology, Film and Identity: Perspectives From African Cinema
    370 Health, Disability and Social Justice in East Africa
    378 Modern Africa
    456 Water, Environment and Development
    492 Contemporary Health Issues in Africa
    495 Directed Readings
    495W Directed Readings (Writing Intensive)

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