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    Center for Teaching Excellence

    Graduate Student Volunteer Opportunity

    Serve as a mentor for incoming international studentsDear Graduate Students:

    Duquesne's ongoing efforts to support new international students at Duquesne, the Office of International Programs (OIP) is developing  a new International Graduate Student Mentor program. The purpose of the program would be to support incoming students as they settle into their new environment and as they begin to understand their Duquesne academic context. OIP hopes that Mentors would be available to meet with their mentees beginning with New International Student Orientation (8/14/14), maintain an ongoing supportive relationship throughout the year, and possibly developing life-long friendships.  OIP would appreciate your participation in this program. If you are interested, we ask that you:

    1. Participate in a brief pre-orientation meeting/training session this summer to discuss preparations for orientation and be available the afternoon of Thursday, August 14 for the New International Student Orientation

    2. Be willing to act as a regular contact for new graduate students that have been assigned to you as they need advice and support

    3. Be willing to discuss issues that include, but are not limited to:

    • The balance of research, teaching, assistantships and study
    • Working with faculty advisors
    • Culture shock and settling into your new home
    • Other issues that affect the well-being and life of new graduate students

    If you are interested, please contact Natasha Dias (Biology graduate student,; 412-589-2998) or Dr. Joe DeCrosta (OIP Director,; 412-396-5180) for more information and to express your interest.

    Welcome, Rachel!

    CTE welcomes Rachel Luckenbill as a new Instructional Consultant

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    New Books - Spring and Summer - 2014

    Did you know CTE has a library full of teaching and learning resource books?  We're continually updating our library to offer Duquesne faculty and graduate students helpful resources to better their students' learning experience.  Stop in to browse our library, sit with a cup of coffee and skim through a book, or borrow one from our collection.  To learn more about our newest books, click here.

    Teaching & Learning Tips

    Qualities of an Exceptional Summer CourseSummer Icon

    Both students and faculty members report favoring summer intensive courses over traditional course formats. In a survey of summer course faculty, Kretovic, Crowe and Hyun (2005) found that a majority of instructors,

    1. enjoy teaching summer classes,
    2. find it easier to build rapport with students,
    3. believe that students are more focused on learning outcomes,
    4. believe that students participate more in class discussions, and
    5. believe that students attend more regularly.

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    NEW! "Using Praise Effectively"

    Will Hasek, Psychology Teaching Assistant

    As students progress through their university coursework, they will face increasingly difficult material in their coursework. No matter how inquisitive, bright, or talented a student is, she will encounter complex readings and demanding projects. When confronted with such challenging material, students may become discouraged and doubt their capacity to rise to the occasion. Instructors can anticipate this possibility and implement preventative strategies that help students to maintain their motivation throughout the semester. More specifically, instructors can help students to cognitively reframe the meaning of success and failure in the first day of class, and they can make judicious use of praise to encourage students to increase their effort and employ effective learning strategies.

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    TA Spotlight:
    2013-2014 Nominees: Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Teaching

    We are excited to acknowledge this year's nominees with a brand-new profile web page.  For a brief glimpse into the accomplishments of these nominees, click here.

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