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Center for Teaching Excellence

Creative Teaching Award - call for submissions

Due Tuesday, January 17, 2017.

Eligibility: Full-time faculty or teams of full-time and adjunct faculty. All faculty involved must have taught one year at Duquesne. Faculty are invited to submit collaborative and multi-course projects. Award submissions featuring entire academic programs are not eligible.

SCALE: Small Changes Advancing LEarningImage of gears and ascending graph for Scale

Several CTE events feature well researched teaching approaches that require minimal preparation and grading and can be adapted by teachers in varied contexts.  They are inspired, in part, by Lang's 2016 book, Small Teaching

Online Offerings

The following workshops and handouts are available online via DORI (multipass required).

  • Transparent Assignment Design
  • Rubrics To Promote and Assess Student Learning
  • Faculty Peer Review of Teaching
  • Preparing an Effective Case for Third Year Review, Promotion, and Tenure
  • Designing Effective Adult Learning Experiences

Teaching & Learning Tips

With the end of the semester quickly approaching, it's time to prepare for final exams. Check out these Tips on creating exams and preparing your students. 

Resources for Teaching After the Election

Our colleagues at University of Michigan provide some helpful strategies for teaching after the election here. You can also review CTE's T&L Tip on teaching controversial topics for ways to make certain that discussions are productive and centered on learning.  

See the Teaching & Learning Tips Archive to discover other techniques to enhance your students' learning experience. 

The Flourishing Academic 

Check out The Flourishing Academic. This multi-voice blog features posts on teaching and learning by CTE staff and peer leaders. Please visit often, comment actively, and teach enthusiastically!