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Academic Learning Outcomes Assessment (ALOA) Committee

Faculty representatives from each school and Gumberg Library form the Academic Learning Outcomes Assessment (ALOA) Committee.

We provide learning assessment support through consulting, guidance on reports, and workshops (through the Center for Teaching Excellence). Please contact your school representative or CTE if you have questions.

Rubrics to Promote and Assess Student Learning: An Online, Hands-on Workshop (multipass required)
Participants in this workshop will draft a grading guide for an assignment in a course they teach. This guide, or rubric, will simplify the work of grading as well as promote learning by clarifying expectations in advance, and then making feedback useful to students. The AAC&U VALUE rubrics will serve as a resource.

Call for Submission: 2015-16 Assessment Award
The award recognizes excellence in student-learning outcomes assessment at the program level and across programs. Past winners.

Dimensions of a Duquesne Education
These five dimensions provide a University-wide framework for learning assessment.

Presentations & Publications Related to Student Learning Assessment
Duquesne University faculty and staff regularly present at conferences and publish articles relevant to student learning outcomes assessment. If you have citations to add, please contact us: CTE

ALOA does not oversee learning assessment reporting, but we can help programs with this process. University Assessment Process & Reporting

Academic Affairs Survey Archive

Contact Us

Gumberg Library David Nolfi, Co-Chair  nolfi@duq.edu
Center for Teaching Excellence Laurel Willingham-McLain, Co-Chair willingham@duq.edu
Academic Affairs Alexandra Gregory gregorya@duq.edu
College of Liberal Arts James Purdy purdyj@duq.edu
Business Ryan Luchs luchsr@duq.edu
Education Susan Munson munson@duq.edu
Health Sciences Matthew Kostek kostekm@duq.edu
Law Richard Gaffney gaffneyr@duq.edu
Music Elaine Abbott abbotte1@duq.edu
Natural & Environmental Sciences Sarah Woodley woodleys@duq.edu
Nursing Alison Colbert colberta@duq.edu
Pharmacy Monica Skomo skomo172@duq.edu
Consultant to ALOA Tammy Hughes hughest@duq.edu