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Discussion of Readings

Spring 2015

Online Book Study for Adjunct Faculty: Learner-Centered Teaching

Facilitator: Steven Hansen (Center for Teaching Excellence)
Monday, March 16, to Friday, March 27
Location: Online via Blackboard

About the book:

In Learner-Centered Teaching, Maryellen Weimer explains five changes that move instruction from being teacher-focused to learner-centered. While the changes that she describes would be overwhelming to implement in one fell swoop, she sanely suggests that faculty start "to try out a couple-maybe even just one-and see how it or they work" (p.232) because research shows that even small learner-centered changes make a difference in student learning.
What are the kinds of changes that Weimer suggests?

  1. Change your role as a teacher from being a teller of information to a facilitator who engages students in the "messy work of learning"
  2. Shift the balance of power by giving students opportunities to choose and take ownership of their learning
  3. Move from covering content to using content to create a knowledge base and to develop the skills that are necessary for students' ongoing learning
  4. Instead of legislating learning behaviors through increasing course policies, create conditions that make students responsible for learning
  5. Transform assessment from merely grading to become a part of the learning experience

The book is replete with examples and suggestions on how to make these changes.

About the book study:

The book study is open to Duquesne adjunct faculty members only and will occur asynchronously via Blackboard for two weeks from March 16 to March 27. In exchange for receiving a free copy of the book, participants will read the book and discuss their findings via discussion board. Besides the time to read the book, participants should be willing to spend about an hour each week participating in the online discussion.  Enrollment is limited to ten participants.

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