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McAnulty TA Orientation Materials

Fall 2013 TA Orientation Materials

In CTE's effort to continually assist TAs as teacher-scholars, a few of the Power Point presentations, worksheets, and other relevant information can be found here.

  1. Welcome, Policies, and Procedure [PPT]
  2. Engaging Students With Active Learning [PPT]
  3. Designing Your Course by Dr. Steve Hansen [PPT]
  4. Documenting Your Teaching [PPT]

Information regarding the design and development of effective syllabi can be found below.  Keep this in mind as you either design or re-tool your syllabus for Spring 2013:

  1. Handout: Fink's Taxonomy
  2. Handout: Bloom's Taxonomy
  3. Web Link: Idea Center and Web Link: "Integrated Course Design," by l. Dee Fink [A useful, support site for course development]
  4. A CTE Prepared Guide for Developing Your Syllabus [PDF]
  5. Article: from The Chronicle - Creative and Detailed Syllabus design
  6. A Quick Checklist for Your Final Syllabus Revision [PDF]