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Fall 2014

Details about this semester's workshops are coming soon!

All Duquesne faculty, staff, and teaching assistants are welcome to attend!

Please register for workshops to help us plan for handouts and refreshments.  Call 412-396-5177, email cte@duq.edu or Register Online.

For events specific to graduate students, please click here.  For Spring 2014 archived events, click here.

Publish or Perish: Choosing and Approaching Academic Publishers

Presenter: Susan Wadsworth-Booth (Duquesne University Press)
Time and Date: TBD
Location: TBD

The workshop is intended for graduate students and junior faculty who want to learn about getting their work published in today's academic environment. We will discuss how to research and choose appropriate publishers, how to prepare initial proposals for a publisher's review, how doctoral dissertations may (or may not) be revised for book publication, how the review process works, and how new technologies and models (such as electronic journals and open-access publications) fit into the process. This workshop will focus on the humanities and social sciences, though all are welcome.

[Registration: Coming Soon]

Winning Ideas and Tips on Preparing Creative Teaching Award Submissions

Additional Details to Follow

Book Study: Assessing Student Learning

Additional Details to Follow

The Face of the Veteran Student: Opportunities and Challenge

Additional Details to Follow

Technology for Collaborative Learning: Duquesne's New Flex Tech Classrooms

Additional Details to Follow

Interpreting Feedback from the New SES Reports to Enchance Your Teaching

Additional Details to Follow

Planning a Writing Intensive Course

Presenter: James Purdy (English & Writing Center)
Time and Date: TBD
Location: TBD
One of the biggest challenges of teaching a writing-intensive course is incorporating the writing assignments/projects into the syllabus. When should due dates fall? How can the syllabus reflect the scaffolding of activities the lead to a writing project? How can writing activities fit in with all the content to be covered? This hands-on workshop will guide participants in planning the syllabus for a spring 2014 writing-intensive course. Faculty and graduate students will leave with an outline of the schedule of writing projects and tasks.

Cosponsored by the Writing Center

Invited Guest Presentations with Dr. Robin Wright

The Department of Biological Sciences and CTE invites the Duquesne teaching community to attend two presentations by
Dr. Robin Wright, Associate Dean, College of Biological Sciences, University of Minnesota.
Applying the Biology of Learning to Improve Student Engagement and Success
Time and Date: TBD
Start Where You Are: Incorporating Active LearningStrategies into Your Existing Lectures

Additional Details to Follow

Invited Guest Presenter: Dr. Susan Hines

Director of Faculty Development
St. Mary's University

Additional Details to Follow