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    Invited Presenter - Patti Clayton

    Integrating Critical Reflection to Generate, Deepen and Document Learning in Service Learning

    Thursday, April 4, 12:00 - 2:00, Lunch will be provided.
    613 Union

    About The Workshop:Patty Clayton

    As the part of the process that generates, deepens, and documents learning, critical reflection is key to all forms of experiential education, including service-learning. It is also a counter-normative way for many of us to teach and to learn, so it is both challenging to implement and potentially transformative. In this interactive session we will consider the meaning and role of critical reflection in service-learning and examine a research-grounded model for designing critical reflection in light of learning goals: the DEAL Model. Participants will be provided with an advance article on Patti's work on critical reflection and will apply to their own courses tools for integrating critical reflection and assessment. We will leave the session with examples of critical reflection activities and assessment rubrics and with a conceptual framework for service-learning and critical reflection that can be used to introduce students to the pedagogy and to guide our own instructional design. Lunch will be provided during the workshop.

    About the Presenter:

    Dr. Patti Clayton has over twelve years of experience as a practitioner-scholar in community-engaged teaching and learning, including teaching with service-learning in a variety of courses, consulting with over 100 campuses, and co-authoring 40 publications. Patti and her student and faculty colleagues created the DEAL Model and produced Learning through Critical Reflection: A Tutorial for Students in Service-Learning and an accompanying Instructor Version; she is also co-editor with Bringle and Hatcher of the recently released 2-volume set Research on Service Learning: Conceptual Frameworks and Assessment (Stylus, 2013).

    About Another Way to Participate:

    Individual and small group consultation with Dr. Clayton will be available on Wednesday evening, April 3, and Thursday morning, April 4.  To schedule a time with Patti, please contact Dr. Lina Dostilio at

    Cosponsored by the Office of Service-Learning

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