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About the Center

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The Simon Silverman Phenomenology was founded in 1980 at Duquesne University by Dr. Amedeo Giorgi and Dr. John Sallis. It was an expression of the phenomenological orientation of the University’s philosophy and psychology departments. The late president of Humanities Press, Simon Silverman, was the Center’s first major benefactor and so the Center proudly bears his name.

Simon Silverman

Simon Silverman

The collection is devoted to the phenomenological movement that was inaugurated at the turn of the century by the German philosopher Edmund Husserl, and is still ongoing today, and to two precursors, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. Phenomenology is conceived by the Center rather broadly, embracing, for example, existentialism and other contemporary Continental schools connected to phenomenology.


Dr. Jeffrey McCurry, Ph.D.



Phenomenology Center Librarian

Matthew A. Jones, MLIS



Assistant to the Director

Alessio Rotundo

Ph.D. Student,
Department of Philosophy



Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday

Scheduled appointments are
accepted outside of these hours.

Board of Governors                  

Dr. William Adams

Dr. Ronald Arnett

Dr. Sara Baron

Dr. Therese Bonin

Dr. Tom Eyers

Dr. Marinus Iwuchukwu

Dr. Leswin Laubscher

Dr. Sebastian Madathummuriyil

Dr. Craig Maier

Dr. Lanei Rodemeyer

Dr. Kevin Smith

Ms. Susan Wadsworth-Booth

Ex Officio

Dr. Sara Baron

Dr. Jeffrey McCurry

Dr. James Swindal

Honorary Advisory Board

Dr. Peg Birmingham

Dr. François Cooren

Dr. Amedeo Giorgi

Dr. Lewis Gordon

Dr. Sara Heinämaa

Dr. Galen Johnson

Dr. Leonard Lawlor

Dr. Ullrich Melle

Dr. Dermot Moran

Dr. Adriaan Peperzak

Dr. Zofia RosiƄska

Dr. John Sallis

Dr. Robert Sokolowski

Dr. Charles Taylor

Dr. Gail Weiss