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    Historical Photo Gallery

    Spiritan Archives, Paris

    This historical gallery of Spiritan photos contains images dating back to the early 1900s. All images were graciously provided by and are copyrighted by the Spiritan Archives, Paris.

    Calabar, Nigeria, early 1900s. Fr. Paul Biechy with his catechist. Caconda, Angola, early 1900s. Fr. Aimé Viezier with his band. Angola School, about 1925. Oubangui, 1928. Fr. Adrien Leperdriel teaching under a tree. Angola, 1923. Fr. Le Mailloux Mathurin on board the San José. Congo, 1936. Roadside picnic - Bishop Biechy with Bros. Francois Regis and Alexander. Ganda Mission, Angola 1929. Ox drawn wagon. Angola, 1924. Bishop Keiling crosses by ferry. No caption Angola, 1923. Bishop Keiling and companions with his car. Cubango, Angola, 1920. Fr. Laagel, his catechist and their dog on motorbike. Cubango, Angola, early 1900s. Local transport. Angola, 1925. Missionaries with the attendants to the Queen of Cassingas. Northern Cameroon, early 1900s. Fr. Pédron meets the Sultan of Ngaondéré. Angola, early 1900s. Missionaries welcomed by former minister. Missionary crossing log bridge. Douala, Cameroon, about 1933. Construction of the Cathedral by Bro. Materne Wolff. Sierra Leone, 1922. Hippopotamus hunt. Angola, early 1900s. Missionaries on horseback with ox drawn wagon. Oubangui, about 1932. Crossing by river ferry. Emekuku, Nigeria, 1928. Fr. Philip O'Connor with his car. Senegal, 1950s. Missionaries accompanying the Papal Nuncio. Still from the movie The Missionary, filmed in 1955. Fr. Le Roy, Superior General, advises a young missionary. Senegal, about 1955.  Fr. Plug visits his parishioners. No caption Angola, about 1920.  On the Cubango River. Cameroon, 1930s. Fr. André with his young assistant on motorbike. Chevilly, France, 1939. Fr. Sacleux conducts botanical classes for novices. Ogoja, Nigeria, 1930. Frs. Biechy and Soul visit their parishioners on motorbike.