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The Spiritan Community at Duquesne

Currently, there are 20 members of the Spiritan Congregation on the Duquesne campus: 12 priests in Trinity Hall, one priest in Laval House and seven priests at St. Stephen Parish in Hazelwood.

The Trinity Hall Spiritans actively minister at the University through teaching, administration or pastoral ministry.  This international community represents five different national groups.

The Spiritan at Laval House is director of the Spiritans' pre-novitiate formation house.

The Spiritans at St. Stephen's are pursuing graduate-level study at the University and also form a diverse international community.

Spiritans at Duquesne

Emmanuel Ahua, C.S.Sp.Emmanuel Ahua, C.S.Sp.

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Role at Duquesne: Graduate student (Ph.D.)

Ministries: Mission work in Malawi (3 years); Parish work as pastor in Nigeria (10 years)

Interests: My studies and part-time pastoral work.

Did you know… I am guided by inner strength and a sense of conviction.

Favorite Book: The Idea of Justice by Amartya Sen

Favorite Saying: "Now to him who is able to accomplish far more than we ask or imagine, but the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ-Jesus, to all generations forever and ever." –Ephesians 3:20-21

Chike Anyigbo, C.S.Sp.Chike Anyigbo, C.S.Sp.

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Role at Duquesne: Ph.D candidate, Bioethics / Medical Ethics

Contact: anyigboc@duq.edu

Ministries: Co-pastor in two parishes, regional secretary, secretary of AMTA Foundation for training of priests and missionaries

Interests: Tennis, reading, music and traveling

Did you know… Fr. Anyigbo has taken religious pilgrimages to five countries in Europe. He hopes to integrate his doctoral work with Spiritan Studies.

Favorite Book: African series such as Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Favorite Saying: "I am satisfied with the very best" –Winston Churchill

Brian Cronin, C.S.Sp.Brian Cronin, C.S.Sp.

Country of Origin: Ireland

Role at Duquesne: Associate Professor of Philosophy

Contact: croninb@duq.edu

Ministries: Education

Did you know… “I used to be a great soccer player.”

Favorite Book: Insight: A Study of Human Understanding by Bernard Lonergan

Favorite Quote or Scripture: “Do not be afraid.” –John 6:20

Raymond French, C.S.Sp.Raymond French, C.S.Sp.

Country of Origin: Scotland

Role at Duquesne: Vice President for Mission and Identity

Contact: french@duq.edu

Ministries: Counseling

Did you know… Fr. French worked for the U.K. government in the Housing Department, Homeless Persons Unit as well as in Tanzania. He is also the co-author of the book, Thursday People, Living the Gospel in Everyday Life: Commentary for College Students, which is pending publication.

Jocelyn Gregoire, C.S.Sp.Jocelyn Gregoire, C.S.Sp.

Country of Origin: Mauritius

Role at Duquesne: Assistant Professor of Counseling, Psychology and Special Education

Contact: gregoire@duq.edu

Ministries: Education, counseling

Did you know… Fr. Gregoire is a National Certified Counselor (NCC), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and Certified Co-occuring Disorder Professional (CCDP) Diplomate.

Sean Hogan, C.S.Sp.Sean Hogan, C.S.Sp.

Country of Origin: Ireland

Role at Duquesne: Executive Vice President for Student Life

Contact: hogan@duq.edu

Ministries: Educational administration

Interests: Reading, traveling and exercise

Did you know… During the Nigerian Civil War, Fr. Hogan was involved with maintaining communication links with the Irish Missionary Personal working in the civil war area. He also worked as Pastor of Thika, a large industrial town near Nairobi, Kenya and was responsible for building several churches there as well as developing several credit union projects and building Kenya’s first youth center.

Favorite Book: The Book of Virtues by William J. Bennett

Sean Kealy. C.S.Sp.Sean Kealy. C.S.Sp.

Country of Origin: Ireland

Role at Duquesne: Noble J. Dick Endowed Chair in Academic Leadership; Professor of Scripture in Theology Department

Contact: kealy@duq.edu

Ministries: Education, provincial administrator

Did you know… Fr. Kealy is a renowned Scripture scholar whose work has been published in England, Africa, Ireland and the United States. His primary research interest has been on the Gospels.

Francois Kodena

Country of Origin: Cameroon

Role at Duquesne: Graduate Student

Contact: kodenafranc@yahoo.com

Ministries: Parish work in Cameroon and formation in Ireland

Interests: Music, reading, and soccer

Did you know... Everything belongs?

Favorite Book: Nations Negres et Culture by Cheikh Anta Drop.

Favorite Saying: "I am because we are."

Langbiir LazarusLazarus Langbir

Country of Origin: Ghana

Role at Duquesne: MBA student

Contact: langbiirl@duq.edu

Interests: Reading, Sports and Traveling

Did you know... Fr. Lazarus captained two different volleyball teams to the all major seminaries games in two countries (Ghana and Nigeria)?

Favorite Book: Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Favorite Saying: "There is no man living who isn't capable of doing more than he thinks he can do." - Henry Ford

Naos McCool, C.S.Sp.Naos McCool, C.S.Sp.

Country of Origin: Ireland

Role at Duquesne: Assistant Dean for Student Formation, School of Education

Contact: mccool@duq.edu

Ministries: Education, Greek Life, chaplain to the football team and advisor to ATO and the Knights of Columbus

Interests: Irish traditional music, Beethoven and watching John Wayne movies

Did you know… Fr. McCool is the campus advisor for the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at Duquesne.

Favorite Book: Knight's Cross : A Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel by David Fraser
A Memoir by Tim Pat Coogan

Favorite Saying: "That’s all right." (even when it isn’t)

Isidore Nkwocha, C.S.Sp.Isidore Nkwocha, C.S.Sp.

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Role at Duquesne: Graduate Student (Ph.D.)

Contact: nkwochai@duq.edu

Ministries: Mission work in Cape Verde (7 years), Spiritual Director/Lecturer in SIST (4 years), pastoral work in Nigeria (2 years).

Interests: Tennis, reading, and movies

Did you know... I enjoy discovering myself by engaging others in discussion?

Favorite Book: Male Daughter, Female Husband: Gender and Sex in African Society by Ifi Amadiume.

Favorite Saying: "Elebe ihe onu na-edwu, onweghi onye ya na ibe ya ga-ato" (If you consider what the mouth speaks, you will not be at peace with anyone)

Kenneth Ujunqa OguzieKenneth Ujunqa Oguzie

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Role at Duquesne: Graduate Student

Contact: frujuken@gmail.com

Ministries: Mission in Nigeria (3 years), mission in Zimbabwe (5 years), Youth organizations, spiritual direction, retreats and teaching in the seminary.

Interests: Traveling, making friends, listening to people and good music, etc.

Did you know... Man is nothing.

Favorite Book: Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time by Marcus Borg.

Favorite Saying: "By His Grace..."

James Chukwuma Okoye, C.S.Sp.James Chukwuma Okoye, C.S.Sp.

Country of Origin: Citizen of the United States of America since 2003, Origins in Nigeria

Role at Duquesne: Director, Center for Spiritan Studies

Contact: Trinity Hall, Duquesne University

Ministries: 1970-72: Bishop’s and Diocesan Secretary, Enugu diocese (Nigeria);
1981-86: Provincial Superior, Spiritan Province of Nigeria;
1986-92: 2nd Assistant General, Spiritan Generalate, Rome;
1992-94: Office of the Synod of Bishops for Africa;
1995-2012: Professor of Biblical Languages and Literature, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago.

Interests: teaching and reading Scripture; spirituality and mission, walking, people.

Did you know... that Chukwuma means "God knows"?

Favorite Book: Jonah

Favorite Saying: aku feesie o dalu awo = patience pays off in the end.

Peter Osuji, C.S.Sp.Peter Osuji, C.S.Sp.

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Role at Duquesne: Campus Minister, Commuter Affairs

Contact: osujip@duq.edu

Ministries: Missionary work and teaching

Interests: Sports, playing soccer, ping-pong and tennis

Did you know… Fr. Peter Osuji is currently working on his doctoral degree in medical ethics and is also the campus advisor for the Table Tennis Club at Duquesne.

Favorite Book: Things Fall Apart & No Longer at Ease by Chinua Achebe

Favorite Saying: "I am, because we are; and since we are, therefore, I am."

John Sawicki, C.S.Sp.John Sawicki, C.S.Sp.

Country of Origin: USA

Role at Duquesne: Assistant Professor, Political Science Department

Contact: sawicki@duq.edu

Ministries: Education, crisis management and international relations

Did you know… Fr. Sawicki is a guest lecturer at the Marshall Center for European Security in Garmsich-Partenkirchen, Germany. His areas of expertise include ethical and moral constraints on the use of force, ethics and national security policy decision-making and counter-terrorism.

Vincent Stegman, C.S.Sp.Vincent Stegman, C.S.Sp.

Country of Origin: United States

Role at Duquesne: Superior at Laval House

Ministries: Mission Work in Tanzania (9 years); Mission Work in Ethiopia (30 years)

Interests: Reading and Hiking

Did you know… I lived 39 years in Africa.

Favorite Book: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Favorite Saying: "Love one another as I have loved you." -John 15:12

Elochukwu (Eugene) Uzukwu, C.S.Sp.Elochukwu (Eugene) Uzukwu, C.S.Sp.

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Role at Duquesne: Associate Professor, Department of Theology, Duquesne University

Contact: uzukwue@duq.edu

Ministries: Pastoral work, education

Interests: Music: high life, jazz, classical, Nigerian Congo and Côte d'Ivoire
Sports: tennis, soccer and ice hockey

Did you know… Fr. Uzukwu has authored three books, numerous articles and book sections that explore areas of the liturgy ecclesiology in continental Africa and Africa in the Diaspora. The Governing Council for the Spiritan International School of Theology in Enugu established the Uzukwu Award for Excellence in his honor to be granted to the best student of the year.

Favorite Book: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Favorite Saying: "Ife Kwulu Ife Akwudebe Ya" –
"When something stands, something else stands beside it."

Daniel WalshDaniel Walsh

Country of Origin: USA

Role at Duquesne: Campus Ministry, Formation Director Spiritan Seminarians

Contact: Laval House

Ministries: Campus Ministry, Formation Director Philosophy Program

Interests: Baseball

Did you know... I'm a third-generation Duquesne student?

Favorite Book: Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball's Last Hero

Favorite Saying: "Let’s go Bucs"