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The Gaultier Faculty Fellowship

We are pleased to announce that President Dougherty has established an endowed Faculty Fellowship to support the Office of Service-Learning. The Gaultier Faculty Fellowship is named after Fr. Marhurin Gaultier, C.S.Sp., a professor of moral theology at Seminaire du Saint Espirt and later Assistant General of the congregation. He advocated for scholarly study within the Spiritan congregation and attracted a number of scholars to the work of the Spiritans. This group is known as the Gaultier Circle of Scholars. The Gaultier name is symbolic of the complementarity of scholarship to the practice of Spiritan charism just as the Faculty Fellow brings scholarship and scholarly leadership to the practice of service-learning at Duquesne University.

The fellowship is sponsored by the Office of the Provost and Office of Service-Learning. By creating a space wherein a faculty member deepens a particular facet of the service-learning program through his or her own scholarship and by working with faculty peers, we hope to:

  • Promote faculty development;
  • Promote the scholarship of community-engaged teaching and learning; and
  • Advance institutional change that enhances the integration of teaching and research with community engagement.

2013-2014 Gaultier Fellows


Dr. Norman Conti,
McAnulty College of Liberal Arts
Through his research, "A Model of Co-Constructed Service-Learning and Engaged Scholarship: The Police-Training Inside-Out Think Tank," Dr. Conti is incorporating service-learning students in research to increase the sustainability and generation of collaborative partnerships between prison inmates and police officers in order to reduce crime. He bases his Think Tank iniative upon a philosophy of cooperation, noting that this collaborative process results in improved neighborhoods and more effecitve police departments.

2012-2013 Gaultier Fellows

Dr. Amy Phelps, School of Business: As a Gaultier Fellow, Phelps implemented clear, executable, quantitative assessment of direct measures of student learning that result from service-learning. Her work will build on the existing indirect and qualitative work undertaken by the Office of Service-Learning and will contribute to the field a model for quantitative assessment that is consonant with the values and mission of a Catholic University, specifically Duquesne. During the Fall 2013, she led a faculty learning group on service-learning.

Drs. Yvonne Weideman and Rebecca Kronk, School of Nursing: As Gaultier Fellows, Weideman and Kronk promoted faculty mentored, student-led community engaged research using Photovoice. Photovoice is a research method that allows researchers to use photography as a means to understand community members' lived experiences, including their joys, strengths, challenges, and unmet needs. Specifically, faculty and students will use photovoice to understand the experience of grandparents who are the primary caregivers of grandchildren in the Hill District.  As a result, they will produce shared scholarship with the students, and will produce a faculty toolkit on community engaged scholarship with particular emphasis on developing opportunities for undergraduate mentored research.