The Center for Community-Engaged Teaching and Research

Murphy Building
20 Chatham Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15282
Phone: 412.396.5893
Fax: 412.395.2144

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    About the Center

    The Center for Community-Engaged Teaching and Research (CETR) is the administrative home of community-engaged teaching and research at Duquesne University. The Center supports and networks faculty, students, and community partners. It does so by

    • Stewarding the civic and justice-oriented nature of CETR as framed by the University's Spiritan charism;
    • Encouraging faculty to learn about and appreciate CETR, and to join a network of faculty peers who consider themselves to be community-engaged scholars;
    • Equipping faculty to practice innovative CETR through consultations, professional development programming, grants, logistic support, and in-print and web-based resources;
    • Introducing faculty to local communities and facilitating connections between faculty and community organizations;
    • Creating opportunities for students to gain leadership experience by supporting classes taught using CETR;
    • Helping faculty, students, and community partners navigate the University's administrative policies, procedures, and expectations so that they can successfully implement CETR; and
    • Advocating for the institutionalization of CETR and convening stakeholders to shape engagement at Duquesne. 
    Class Support

    • Course Design Consultation
    • Introductions to Potential Community Partners
    • Pre- and Post- Assessment
    • In-class Presentations on Community-Engaged Learning

    CBO/Agency Support

    • Administrative Support for Service Requests
    • Introductions to Potential Faculty Partners
    • Connections to Other Services at the University

    Program Support

    • Oversight for the Course Designation Process
    • Policy Development to Foster Community-Engaged Learning Quality
    • Program Evaluation
    • Program Records, Statistics, and Data Management
    • Strategic Planning
    • Supervision for Supportive Initiatives, such as the Gaultier Teaching Fellows, Community Engagement Scholars Program, Community-Engaged Research Grants, and Faculty Development Opportunities