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Service-Learning Assessment Surveys

This spring, as part of Dr. Amy Phelps' Gaultier Faculty Fellowship, we will be implementing a quantitative assessment of student learning outcomes across ALL sections of service-learning classes. The assessment is a 50 question online pre- and post- survey administered through Qualtrex. Though no students or faculty members are required to participate, we believe completion of the surveys will be of benefit to both groups:

  • Benefits for students: All students who complete the pre- and post-test will be entered in a drawing to win an iPad; students will also be entered in a drawing to win Starbucks gift cards. There will be a $10 gift card winner in every section of a participating classes. We anticipate at least 30 gift card winners!
  • Benefits for faculty: We are able to batch-report the results by class and by section. Though the results will be anonymized, upon your request, we can provide an aggregate report of the gains achieved by your students. This could be used to substantiate innovation in teaching.
Here are the links to the pre-surveys: