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Service-Learning BlackBoard Communities

The service-learning program maintains two BlackBoard communities for faculty and students.

Hill District Orientation BlackBoard Community:

In November 2009, a number of community leaders and University stakeholders began to meet to develop resources that could be used to orient faculty, staff, and students to the neighborhoods of the Hill District. This BlackBoard community warehouses these resources, which vary from face-to-face events, online materials, and resources for class and group discussion.

To Self Enroll in the Hill Orientation BlackBoard Community

Student Guide to Service-Learning:

Each year, students generally ask the same questions:

  • What is service-learning?
  • Why are we doing service-learning?
  • How do we do service-learning?

The Student Guide to Service-Learning BlackBoard Site answers these questions, and more.  It was collaboratively created by a team of undergraduate and graduate students in the summer & fall of 2010. It is written by students who have experienced service-learning and who are leaders within Duquesne’s service-learning program.  It keeps students updated on news and information related to service-learning, important dates to remember, and provides different tools that might be needed.

Access: This BlackBoard community is automatically available to all students enrolled in a service-learning class that carries the UCSL designation. To gain additional access (if you are not currently enrolled in a UCSL course), email the Service-Learning BlackBoard Administrators.

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