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    Orientation to the Hill District


    Welcome to the Hill District Orientation Project. In November 2009, Terri Baltimore, Director of Neighborhood Services at the Hill House Association, invited members of Duquesne's Office of Service-Learning to meet with her and a number of Hill Service Providers who were interested in exploring engagement between the Hill District and Duquesne University. In turn, the OSL invited other community engagement administrators to join that meeting.

    During that conversation, some of the service providers asked how Duquesne students and faculty are oriented to the Hill District. They offered to assist with that orientation process. For the next year, the group worked together to develop a number of resources that vary from face-to-face events, online materials, and resources for class and group discussion. Since the initiation of the Orientation Project, Duquesne's relationship with the surrounding community has flourished. Students and faculty are more readily available to engage with the community and learn from their peers.

    Please use our resources to better familiarize yourself with the Orientation Project, and with the Hill District community. More information is available on our Blackboard Website.