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Approximate Costs

Academic Year 2014-2015

The following costs are estimated based on a student’s enrollment in the ESL Program’s Intensive English Program (IEP) which offers instruction 20 hours per week (five courses at $956 per course) during each semester.


One Semester
(Four Months)

Two Semesters
(Eight Months)

Three Semesters
(Eleven Months)


$ 4,780

$ 9,560

$ 14,340


$ 5,542

$ 11,084

$ 16,626

Personal Expenses

$ 1,000

$ 2,000

$ 3,000


$ 350

$ 700

$ 1050

Health Insurance

$ 900

$ 1,800

$ 2,700


$ 12,572


$ 37,716

Other Cost Factors

Eligibility for any academic degree course work, taken together with ESL courses, depends upon prior academic records and demonstrated levels of language proficiency. Your individual costs may differ due to other factors, such as:

  • Tuition charges for English as a Second Language (ESL) courses do not include charges for any non-ESL academic credit courses which eligible students may also qualify to take at the same time as their English courses.
  • Housing, personal expenses, and health insurance charges are estimated for one person, with no accompanying dependents, occupying a double room, in on-campus housing, with a full meal plan.
  • Health insurance is required. Students who do not provide documentation of health insurance coverage will be automatically enrolled in the Duquesne University health insurance plan and charged for the insurance under that plan (see above cost estimates).
  • Costs are subject to change.  Please contact program for most recent costs.

Additional Cost Information

It is important for all prospective applicants to understand that many factors can influence actual costs of study in the ESL Program at Duquesne University.  Here are some important factors to remember when estimating costs:

The Number of English Classes Which A Student Needs

After students sit for required English language placement tests when they arrive, they learn how many ESL classes they will need to take.  Some students enroll in the INTENSIVE program and need five classes during the semester.  As shown, the semester tuition for five classes will be $4,395 ($879 per class x 5 classes).  Other students may need fewer classes and study in the SEMI-INTENSIVE program for at least four classes during the semester at a lower cost.

United States Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) Regulations for Maintaining Full-Time Student Status.

Non-degree ESL program students who enroll in the ESL Program only for English language study are required to maintain full-time student status.  To do so, they enroll each semester for either the Intensive or the Semi-Intensive programs.

Final course selection will depend upon demonstrated language learning needs as determined by Duquesne University after English language placement testing and upon approval of the ESL Program advisor.

Eligibility to Enroll in NON-ESL University Courses for Credit

Students who have been accepted to the Duquesne University ESL Program only to study English are welcome to apply for permission to study non-ESL university courses for credit in addition to their ESL courses.  Eligibility for such study will depend upon a student’s prior academic record of education and upon demonstrated English language skills.

Some students may want to study a non-ESL course to practice their English; other students may want to apply to an academic degree program while they are studying their English courses.  Since academic courses for credit taken together with ESL courses can increase costs, students interested in combining ESL and non-ESL classes should consult the Office of International Programs for cost information.

You may mail or fax your application to:

Office of International Programs
601 Duquesne Union
Pittsburgh, PA  15282, USA

Fax: 412.396.5178

You can also apply online