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PMHP-PB Certificate Curriculum


Students complete a minimum of 24 course credits in the sciences and humanities. Besides a strong foundation in the physical and biological sciences, it is also extremely important that future physicians have a strong liberal arts education. We strongly recommend that students include at least one non-science course each semester in order to help prepare the student for the verbal reasoning/critical thinking section of the admission test. Therefore, each semester students can expect to take three science courses and one non-science course.  Post-Baccalaureate students take classes with both undergraduate and graduate students within the University.

PMHP-PB Core Curricular requirement courses include two semesters each of English, Mathematics, Behavioral Sciences, one semester of Biochemistry as well as two semesters each of the following courses with the associate laboratories:  General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

PMHP-PB Professional Course Work

Each semester, students must be enrolled (0 credits) in dedicated PMHP-PB professional courses designed to provide them with instruction and basic clinical skills including, but not limited to, maintaining sterile fields, medical terminology, and gaining basic emergency and clinical skills and certifications. Students are also exposed to professional and inter-professional education opportunities, evidence-based practice research, and opportunities to participate in both mandatory and volunteer/observation experiences.

  • PBPM 501, 502- Pre-Medical and Health Professions I-II
  • PBPM 510, 511- Pre-Medical and Veterinary I-II