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Core Curriculum

The PMHPP coursework provides a traditional pre-medical curriculum, along with dedicated PMHPP professional coursework:

Biology with laboratory 2 semesters
Chemistry with laboratory 2 semesters
Organic Chemistry with laboratory 2 semesters
Physics with laboratory 2 semesters
English 2 semesters
Behavioral Sciences* 2 semesters

1-2 semesters


1 semester


PMHPP Professional Course Work

PMHPP professional courses provide students with a broad understanding of the culture and responsibility associated with careers in medicine, as well as basic clinical skills and certificitions, introduction to inter-professional education ,evidence based practice, and much more.

  • PMHP 101, 102, 201, 203, 301 - Pre-Medical and Health Professions I-IV
  • PMHP 202, 302 - Pre-Medical and Veterinary I-II



*Due to the changes in the MCAT in 2015, Biochemistry, Psychology, and Sociology are now required as part of the PMHPP curriculum.

Additional courses that are strongly recommended and may be required by some schools include molecular and cell biology, microbiology, physiology and medical ethics. Some of this material may also be seen on the new MCAT beginning Spring 2015.

It is vital that students begin researching the schools of their choice early so they are aware of all curriculum requirements for those particular schools.  The classes listed above are the basic requirements.