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Applying to Medical or Professional School

During your first semester in the PMHPP, you will meet with a PMHPP advisor to discuss your goals, interests and concerns.  Your advisor will continue to provide support and guidance throughout your tenure at Duquesne, and will provide you with an individualized plan of study. We also have many services to aid students in the in the application process to medical or health professional school.

Generally, in order to matriculate into a medical or professional school in the fall following graduation, students who are in a four year program submit applications during the summer following their junior year.  Gaining admission to a medical or health professional school is dependent on a variety of factors, unique to each institution, that generally include meeting or exceeding the following standard criteria:

  • Successful completion of pre-medical and health professional course work
  • Overall college and science/math grade point average
  • Admission test score ( e.g. MCAT, OAT, DAT, GRE)
  • Evidence of medical and other professional observation/volunteer activities
  • Positive letters of recommendation
  • Understanding and passion for chosen profession
  • Interview performance
  • May include items of research exposure/involvement and/or higher level sciences