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Jason M. Schlude, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts

College Hall 408
Phone: 412.396.6452


Ph.D., Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, University of California, Berkeley, 2009
M.A., Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, University of California, Berkeley, 2004
B.A., Classics, Religious Studies, and Geology, Macalester College, 2002

Professor Schlude works on ancient Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern history and archaeology.  He holds a B.A. in Classical Archaeology, Religious Studies, and Geology from Macalester College (2002) and a M.A. and Ph.D. in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology from the University of California, Berkeley (2004 and 2009).  His current research explores relations and connections between the ancient East and West, especially the relationship shared by Rome and the Iranian empire of Parthia in the first centuries BCE and CE.  In addition, Professor Schlude is Associate Director of the archaeological excavations at Omrit in northern Israel, where he dug most recently in June 2012 with the support of the NEH grant and will return in June 2013. He also loves spending time with his wife and young son, cooking, hiking, fly-fishing, poetry, black-and-white photography, racquetball, golf, and powernaps.

Select Scholarship

Review of D.W. Sampson, Cleopatra: A Biography (Oxford University Press, 2010), forthcoming in The Classical Bulletin (2013)

"Pompey and the Parthians," forthcoming in Athenaeum (2013)

"Working the West and the East: Herod the Great between Rome and Parthia," peer-reviewed conference paper, American schools of Oriental Research, November 2012

"Octavian and Parthia: The Earlier Policy of the Later Augustus," peer-reviewed conference paper, Classical Association of the Middle West and South, March 2012

"The Parthian Response to the Campaign of Crassus," Latomus 71.1 (2012) 11-23

"Roman Women: Problems and Possibilities," invited presentation, ORIAS Institute, U.C. Berkeley, July 2011

"Rome, Parthia, and Peaceful Priorities," invited presentation, Classics and History Departments, Carleton College and U.C. Berkeley, Spring 2010

"Women in Hellenistic Society," invited presentation, Classics Department, Trinity University, January 2010

Review of G.C. Sampson, The Defeat of Rome (Penn & Sword Military, 2008), Bryn Mawr Classical Review, March 2009

Courses (Last Offered)


  • Classics and History 245: Greek History (Fall 2011)
  • Classics 252 and History 241: Roman History (Fall 2012)
  • Classics, History, and Theology 243W: Jews Under Empire (Spring 2012)


  • Classics 105C: Digging for Identity (Fall 2012)
  • Classics, History, and Art History 314: Introduction to Archaeology (Spring 2012)
  • Classics, History, and Art History 317: Roman Archaeology and Material Culture (Spring 2013)  


  • Latin 102: Basic Latin II (Spring 2013)
  • Latin 201: Introduction to Latin Readings I (Caesar and Cicero) (Fall 2011)
  • Latin 202: Introduction to Latin Readings II (Catullus and Vergil) (Spring 2012)
  • Latin 314: Latin Historiography (Livy and Tacitus) (Fall 2012)
  • Classics 122: Etymology of Scientific Terms (Spring 2013)