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Nicholas J. Bongio

6th Year Ph.D. Candidate
Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences
Biological Sciences

Lampe Lab, Mellon Hall
Phone: x5718


B.S. Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, Univ. of Rochester, 2003
Research Project

My research focus is the creation of paratransgenic strains of bacteria capable of blocking malaria transmission through the mosquito body.

Paratransgenesis is the modification an organism's microbiota to alter the host phenotype. Asaia bogorensis is a bacterial species that naturally inhabits the mosquito midgut. In order to utilize this species for paratransgenesis, I have identified native secretion signals from the Asaia genome using an alkaline phosphatase reporter screen. These secretion signals are then being used to secrete anti-malarial proteins directly into the mosquito midgut to block the malaria parasite's life cycle.


Fighting malaria with engineered symbiotic bacteria from vector mosquitoes. Wang S, Ghosh AK, Bongio N, Stebbings KA, Lampe DJ, Jacobs-Lorena M. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Jul 31;109(31):12734-9