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Yang Chen

Associate Professor
Rangos School of Health Sciences
Department of Speech-Language Pathology

411 Fisher Hall
Phone: 412.396.4206


Ph.D., Communication Sciences, University of Connecticut, 1999
M.A., Communication Sciences, University of Connecticut, 1996
B.S., Physics, Nanjing University, 1983

Dr. Yang Chen's research interest is focused on examining various acoustic and perceptual features of foreign accent, specifically Mandarin speakers of American English using multidimensional acoustic analysis.  The research provides insight into the linguistic, motor, and physiological difficulties of acquiring a second language.  The work also has direct clinical application to work with bilingual speakers, particularly those from global areas where Mandarin Chinese is spoken as the first language.

Dr. Chen also has extensive experience in the areas of human phonation and vocal behavior.  As the Program Director of the Voice Disorders clinic, Dr. Chen ensures that clinical protocols and activities that occur within the program are based upon solid scientific evidence.  Part of his role as the Program Director is to provide graduate clinicians with the most current academic and scientific background in the area of voice and to assist them in learning to use instrumentation (e.g., video stroboscopy, applied acoustic analysis programs, and aerodynamic systems).


SLP 250  Anatomy & Physiology of Speech and Hearing
SLP 310  Speech Science
SLP 550  Dysphagia
SLP 554  Voice Disorders