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Current Online Students - Need Assistance?

Please refer to the Tabs below to find answers to frequently asked questions regarding your online learning experience.

In addition to the resources listed, be sure to contact your Instructor for assistance and information when your questions involve coursework and your advisor for program, registration, and other questions.  Your program advisor will be able to connect you with others on campus.


Use the quick links below to find an answer to the most frequently asked questions.  

Need Assistance or Have Questions about Course work? 

Contact your course instructor for questions relating to homework, due dates, assignments, and/or requirements. Instructor contact can be found in your Blackboard course site.  Log-in to Blackboard.

Need Help with a Technical Issue?

Contact the CTS Help Desk for technical issues, Blackboard, MultiPass, connectivity, DORI and other technical related problems.

Need Help with Blackboard and its features? 

Log-in to Blackboard and click on the Blackboard Help Tab and/or Student Resources Tab.

Need Help with Blackboard Collaborate?

Log-in to Blackboard and click on the Blackboard Help Tab > Bb Collaborate.

Need Help with MultiPass (password resets, lockouts, and management)?

Get help with your MultiPass account

Can't find DORI (Duquesne University's portal for Self-Service Banner) to pay your bill, view your records, register for courses, view your financial aid and more?

Go to DORI

Need Help with Registration, Advisement, Program Requirements, and more?

Contact your Advisor -- School Advisors

Contact the Registrar's Office to

Support Services
Use links below get assistance and support 

Don't forget to contact your instructor for course-related questions and your advisor for registration, program questions, and many other questions.  Your advisor is your central point of contact.

Technical Requirements

Having the appropriate computer (laptop or desktop) and (wired or wireless) Internet connection (ISP) can vastly improve the kind of experience you have as an online learner.  Students taking online courses should meet or exceed the recommendations identified below.  

PLEASE NOTE:  While content and some activities, such as discussion boards, blogs, and documents, in online courses can be viewed by using the Blackboard Learn Mobile app for Android Tablets and smartphones and IPad and IPhone, you will still need a laptop or desktop to complete course work, assessments, and to view some content.  Your IPad, IPhone, and Android Tablet and smartphone should be considered optional and secondary devices for your online learning. 

Duquesne University's Computer Store can offer educational discounts to you as a Duquesne Student on the hardware and software. Please contact them for more information.


 Internet Connection / ISP

Students should have a wired or wireless DSL or Cable Internet connection.

Hardware and Peripherals for PC or MAC

Unless specified at the online program site, you can use either a PC or MAC system.

  • 2.5 GHz processor or faster
  • 8GB RAM or greater 
  • 500 GB hard drive or larger
  • 1024x768 resolution monitor or greater and supporting video card
  • Sound card and speakers
  • DVD/CD-RW drive
  • Inkjet printer with scanner and copying functions
  • Integrated speakers and USB headset with microphone
  • Integrated Webcam for video conferencing
Operating Systems

 Windows® 7 or later or Mac OS Mountain Lion or later

  • Microsoft Office 2010 (PC) or 2011 (MAC) [Microsoft Office Professional Academic recommended] 
  • Minimum of 2 installed Internet Browsers

Microsoft® Internet Explorer 9.0 or later  (PC)
Apple Safari latest release (MAC)
Mozilla Firefox latest release (PC or MAC)
Google Chrome latest release

  • Adobe® Reader latest release
Military Veterans

Duquesne University is a military friendly institution for advancing learning.  Through fully online and combined online / on-campus degree and certificate programs, you can further your professional career and pursue your academic goals. 

Learn more
  • Eligibility for the Yellow Ribbon and GI Bill
  • Military Tuition Information 
  • Additional resources and services available to military personnel and veterans, contact Don Accamando, Director Military Education

For more information, contact  

Don Accamando
Director, Military Education



705 Libermann Hall