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Advisement Effectiveness

As part of Duquesne's ongoing effort to improve services and programs, Academic Advisement is evaluating its effectiveness.

In an effort to understand student perspective a joint project was developed by Enrollment Management, Undergraduate Advisement and SGA.  A survey was conducted among the undergraduate students during the Spring 2012 semester to gather student feedback.

"Part of the reason the survey is coming about is we have heard a lot of stories or a lot of experiences that haven't been ideal, and because of that, we figured it was time to start measuring what the students want to see." -

        Zach Zeigler, President, SGA

The Plan's goals are to:

     Invite student feedback

     Identify measurable performance gaps from student's feedback

     Develop targeted programs where any performance gaps exist

     Report results to the University community




If you have any questions or comments regarding advisement effectiveness or any other aspect of this project, please contact Karen Bova, Coordinator, Undergraduate Advisement at bova@duq.edu.