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Workshop Descriptions

Below, you will find a chart that lists all of the workshops and webinars that Educational Technology offers. Select a tab below to see a detailed description of individual workshops.

Workshops Description Chart

Getting Started

Getting Started with Blackboard 9 (Workshop or Self-Guided Tutorial)

Learn course design basics and foundational skills for using the Blackboard 9 Learning Management System to design and teach your courses. Practice using the most common Blackboard tools, reflect on your personal use of Blackboard, and apply best practices for using Blackboard in your courses.

Getting Started with the Blackboard Grade Center (Self-Guided Tutorial)

Learn how to use Blackboard's Grade Center to grade student work in your Blackboard course sites. Topics include the layout of the Grade Center, how to set up the Grade Center, and how to grade student work through the Grade Center.

Beyond the Bb Basics

Creating a Welcoming Course Environment (Webinar)

Discover new and exciting ways to create a sense of community in your courses. Learn best practices, course design techniques, and ideas on how to harness Blackboard's features, such as Announcements, Interactive Tools, and GoToTraining Virtual Classroom to create a welcoming and inviting course environment for your students.

Increasing Student Engagement (Webinar)

Discover new and exciting ways to engage your students within Blackboard. Learn best practices and ideas on how to use the Discussion Board, Wikis, Blogs, Journals, and GoToTraining Virtual Classroom within a Blackboard course site to promote a reflective, collaborative, student-centered learning environment.

Harnessing the Power of Multimedia (Workshop)

In our everyday life we learn from "Googling," watching videos, using our mobile devices, viewing images, and more. In this interactive webinar, instructors  will discover new and exciting ways to utilize multimedia to engage and support today's learners. Participants  will be investigating, planning, and discussing ways to integrate audio, video, and images into their courses. Instructors will be encouraged to participate in an open discussion to share ideas of how to best implement techniques outlined in workshop.

Assessing Diverse Learners (Webinar)

Discover new and exciting ways to assess learners and provide constructive feedback. Learn best practices, course design techniques, and ideas on how to harness Blackboard features, iPad apps, and web tools to promote a collaborative, student centered, learning environment.

Virtual Classroom & Lecture Capture

GoToTraining Virtual Classroom Basics (Webinar)

Learn foundational skills and gain understanding of GoToTraining Virtual Classroom for conducting synchronous class sessions. Experience GoToTraining from the student perspective while simultaneously learning the instructor perspective. Learn how to schedule sessions and use various GoToTraining tools to engage students, and learn best practices for conducting a successful GoToTraining session.

Getting Started with MyMediasite Video Creation (Webinar)

Learn how to use MyMediasite to record, store, and share videos that can be used to demonstrate a concept, give a mini lecture, and more. During the webinar, one of our instructional designers will demonstrate how to use MyMediasite to capture a computer screen and webcam, store these creations to a MyMediasite account, and share them with students and colleagues via a web link. Instructors will also learn how to store and share pre-recorded videos (i.e. videos created in Camtasia or GoToTraining) using MyMediasite.


Transitioning to the Online Classroom (Webinar)

Learn foundational skills for transitioning a traditional-classroom course to the online setting. Webinar leaders will discuss similarities and differences between in-person and online courses, present strategies for designing an online course, and provide examples of engaging tools and resources that will help instructors organize an online course that engages students while helping them to meet course objectives.

Presenting with Prezi: An Alternative to PowerPoint (Workshop)

Learn how to use Prezi as an alternative presentation tool. Gain experience with using Prezi templates, exploring Prezi presentations, and building presentations along with how to add content (text, images, multimedia), customize a template, add frames, edit presentation paths, and share your Prezi presentations through Blackboard or download for offline use.

Creating Infographics with Piktochart (Workshop)

Learn about the power of images as a teaching tool while gaining hands-on experience with building an infographic using Piktochart. Participants will receive guidance while manipulating an infographic template by adding new blocks, text, images, icons, graphs, and more in order to create an effective and visually pleasing teaching and learning tool.

SMART Board Basics (Workshop)

In this hands-on, in-person workshop, instructors will learn how the SMART board works and will practice using it in various ways. These ways include but are not limited to writing on a website, PowerPoint, or PDF; operating the computer through the SMART board; and note taking/brainstorming with the SMART board. There will also be time allotted for discussion, questions, and additional practice. Throughout the training, instructors will use the SMART board while learning best practices for integrating the SMART board into their classroom teaching.