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    Support for Teaching Online at Duquesne University

    Educational Technology supports faculty who are ...

    creating an online course for the first time or
    moving an existing course into the online environment

    Consultation (for individual faculty or programs)

    Educational Technology offers the following consultations:

    • Choosing an overall course design for your learning objectives
    • Guidance on selecting methods and tools for online teaching
    • Training on best practices for online teaching and Educational Technology tools
    • Completion of the Online Course & Module Map, a course design worksheet
    • Introduction to the Duquesne Quality Online Course Rubric for reviewing course quality
    • Review of a previously taught course

    Visit our consultation page to request an individual or group consultation.

    Suggested Steps

    Faculty who are teaching online, may follow the attached guidelines for designing and building an online course.  This process will vary for each faculty member.

    Suggested Steps for Creating an Online Course

    Resources and Tools

    1. Online Course & Module Map
      • The Overall Course Map portion is an at-a-glance view of your course, articulating course learning objectives and their relationship to the larger curriculum and disciplinary standards.
      • The Module Worksheet portion is used to map the following:
        • Course learning objectives
        • Learning resources
        • Interactive instructional methods & student-learning tasks
        • Assessment of learning
        • Expected student time on task
      • For more information, please refer to Duquesne's Equivalent Instructional Activities Policy along with the Undergraduate and Graduate credit hour policies.
    1. Duquesne Quality Online Course Rubric
      • The purpose of this rubric is to guide faculty in creating and reviewing the quality of online courses. It uses two categories: effective and exemplary.
      • This rubric articulates good practice in online teaching, including:
        • Instructional Design
        • Course Design
        • Engagement and Communication
        • Assessment of Learning
        • Learner Support
    2. Educational Technology Training

      Ed Tech provides three modalities for training- Face to Face, Self-Guided Tutorial (online, self-paced course) or Webinar (through Blackboard Collaborate).

      We offer sessions regarding course design, best practices, and the use of various educational technology tools both within and outside of Blackboard. Click here to view the training calendar and/or sign up for a training session. 

    Keep in mind that all of these opportunities are available to individual faculty and to groups.

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