644 College Hall

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The MSDC is committed to providing a standardized environment across all campus classrooms and lecture halls. Striving to enhance the teaching and learning experience, classroom improvements are an on-going process as technologies change and evolve.  If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the technology in Duquesne's classrooms please e-mail us at msdc@duq.edu

Use the AV TRACKER WEBSITE (www.duq.edu/avtracker) to explore the technology offerings of each classroom. The website permits searches by building and room, provides a picture of the room's interior, and lists the AV equipment available within the room.  It is also strongly recommended to visit your assigned classrooms prior to the start of the semester to become familiar with the available technology.  The video below provides a quick overview of the classrooms on campus.



Technology Enhanced Classrooms are designed to provide user friendly access to classroom technology.   Click to view a pdf of the classroom instructions or click on the video below.  Instructions also appear as the desktop background on the computer monitor on each podium in each classroom.

These rooms contain:

• Video projector
• Windows 7 computer with Internet access (NO login required)
• DVD player
• Audio speakers
• Laptop inputs (cables not provided but available from the MSDC)
• In some locations:
          Blu-Ray player, HDMI input, VCR**                                     

**As the usage of VHS tapes continues to decline, newly installed technology enhanced classrooms will not contain a VCR. We will continue to support the VCRs currently in the classrooms until they are no longer functional. The MSDC will convert VHS tapes to digital format for a nominal fee.



FlexTech Classrooms are designed for collaboration and team work. For further information, click on the FlexTech Rooms page located on the left column under Classrooms.

Computer Security: In an attempt to maintain the integrity of the software, each classroom computer is secured with a product called Deep Freeze. Anything saved to the computer will exist until the computer is restarted. File additions/changes will not be permanent. Upon a restart, all changes will be deleted and the computer will restore itself to the standard classroom image. It is highly recommended that classroom files/presentations be transported via flash drive or email account. If additional software is needed on the computer, please contact the MSDC.