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Law School Location

The Duquesne University Writing Center has a satellite location in the Peláez Legal Writing Center specifically for law students. There you can meet one-on-one with Richard Clark, the Legal Research and Writing Program's Writing Specialist, to talk about your writing.

The Service

The focus of Mr. Clark's assistance will be on basic writing techniques, English grammar, punctuation, sentence construction, paragraphing, outlining, and overcoming writer's block. Mr. Clark, like all consultants, works with writing throughout your writing process, from outlines and notes to drafts and revisions. You do not need to have a completed paper to visit. All you need is a writing task and a willingness to engage actively in conversation about your work.

He is not an editor or a proofreader, but he can assist you in learning how to edit and proofread your own documents. The LRW Program Teaching Assistants are upper-division law students who should be consulted for help with the substance of your documents, or if you have questions about legal analysis, legal citations, and legal research. Whether you seek assistance from Mr. Clark or the Teaching Assistant(s) assigned to your LRW section, it is your responsibility to ensure that the final written work product conforms to the standards expected by your LRW Professor.

When the due dates for legal writing assignments approach, Mr. Clark's services are going to be in heavy demand. It is your responsibility to diagnose your own need for his services and to schedule your meetings with him well in advance of any deadlines for submission of your work to your LRW Professor. Please do not expect Mr. Clark (or a Teaching Assistant) to provide you with last-minute assistance.


Please make appointments directly with Richard Clark: clarkr@duq.edu

Sessions are held in the Peláez Legal Writing Center in the Law Library, not in 216 College Hall.