Undergraduate Program


Business From a Higher Perspective in Pittsburgh, PA


A strong range of professionally focused majors provides the flexibility and marketable skills needed to realize your full career potential.

As an undergraduate pursuing a career in business, you choose Duquesne University because you believe that being the best in the world means being the best for the world. You value the advantage of learning from a dedicated faculty, whose high level of professional expertise ensures real world relevance and a blending of practice and theory.

You choose Duquesne University because you relish learning how to view the world in a global context, discern situations more clearly and understand outcomes more deeply. Your desire to make money and make a difference informs your sense of purpose. Globally aware and locally engaged, ethics goes beyond the classroom-you don't just learn it, you'll live it.

You know that when you graduate, you'll be armed with practical, world-ready skills needed to achieve your full potential as an ethical business professional. With a degree from Duquesne University, you'll be poised for responsible leadership, prepared to make a difference.