Entrepreneurial Studies

Entrepreneurial Studies From A Higher Perspective

You see ideas as opportunities to do more-more for business, more for the world. Your courage fuels your desire to find solutions to the world's most daunting problems. To you, making a difference means more than making money; it means contributing to the world of business in a fair and honest manner and, in the process, improving our society.

Students in Rockwell Hall classroom

Entrepreneurship is more than opening a new business. It's innovation and initiative. Entrepreneurs boast a spirit of commitment, creativity and self-motivation. They are excited to learn and earn and eager to create. From saving lives to shaping outcomes, societal challenges inspire entrepreneurs to develop answers. In doing so, they also develop a sense of fulfillment and reward.

Entrepreneurship graduates from the A.J. Palumbo School of Business Administration are prepared to take the helm at a progressive, small business or to drive entrepreneurial activities at a large corporation. Essential skills such as responsible leadership, critical thinking and management prepare them for real-world challenges. Courses combine practical business theory with hands-on applications, fostering a well-rounded student.

The Duquesne Entrepreneurial Alliance is a student-run consulting business. Members gain practical business experience right on campus. Students delve into case studies, host guest speakers and acquire internship experience, honing their experience while developing relationships with area business leaders.

With more than 50 years of combined business experience, the Entrepreneurial faculty boasts the battle scars of successful and not-so-successful business ventures. They readily share their lessons with the next generation of entrepreneurs. Faculty, staff and students within the Entrepreneurship program at the Palumbo School explore scholarship and post-graduate funding options for alumni ready to live their dreams.