Legal Studies (Pre-Law)

Legal Studies From A Higher Perspective

Driven by moral principles, you long to make a difference, seek justice and serve others. From private citizens to public corporations, we all live within an agreed-upon set of laws. And you want to ensure those laws are interpreted equitably. Your passion for justice and sound judgment serve as your GPS for navigating the difference between ideas and ideals.

Students in Rockwell Hall classroom

The legal system affects nearly every aspect of society, from individuals buying their first home to businesses expanding in international markets. Legal studies, or pre-law, fosters a more complete understanding of basic legal concepts and prepares students whether they intend to attend law school or simply wish to work more successfully in the business world.

Students in the Legal Studies major at the A.J. Palumbo School of Business Administration gain a comprehensive understanding of the ideas, institutions and processes behind legal systems in the United States and abroad. Courses such as logic and human resource management law offer students a multi-disciplinary approach to law and challenge them to think critically.

The Legal Studies major at Duquesne includes a rich moral and ethical perspective not available at all universities. In addition, students combine their law studies with another major area of study, providing them with the skills necessary to navigate business environments more successfully.

Upon graduation, Legal Studies students are prepared to attend law school where they can focus on a particular area of interest and further develop their personal and professional skills. Graduates who choose to use their second major upon graduation will be better able to anticipate legal concerns, recognize when legal help is needed and work more effectively with attorneys.