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Urban Education Book Club

Engage with a selected book that the entire faculty will be reading that is designed to stimulate ongoing school-wide conversation on issues of urban education with links to the Spiritan Tradition.

  • Launch a book reading initiative that includes every faculty person in the SoE.
  • Monthly book club meetings for those who will dialogue about the book.
  • Creating a comfortable space for ongoing dialogic engagement and fireside chats with the Sizemore Professor.
  • Periodic questions put forth for faculty to ponder, respond to and discuss.
  • Invite entire faculty to join the ongoing meetings of the DILE Research Group.

Fireside Chats With the School of Education Faculty and the Barbara A. Sizemore Professor: A Book Discussion Group

A new book selection will be discussed once a month.

News & Events

October 20, 2015 Dr. Louie F. Rodriguez

We invite you to engage in a dialogue about selected chapters from "The Time is Now" by Dr. Louie Rodriquez.

To register for any of these discussions, send an email message to Melissa at pricem@duq.edu.