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Course Sequence

ProDEL’s course of study is structured as a focused, three-year program.

• Year 1 is focused by Duquesne’s educational leadership core;

• Year 2 is focused by directed study in problems of practice seminars that are cycled through research and development rotations;

• Year 3 is focused by dissertation of practice seminars and directed study focused on completing the capstone product of learning: a dissertation of practice.

Students take 18-credits per year (6 credits each in the Fall, Spring, and Summer) for a total of 54 credits.

Course Descriptions

Year Program Focus Learning Experiences
1 Core

Stewardship of Practice (Fall)
Education & Social Justice (Fall)
Research & Development (Spring)
Ethics & Accountability (Spring)
Learning & Opportunity (Summer)
Leadership Design & Practice (Summer)

2 Problems of Practice and R&D Rotations

Problem of Practice Seminar I (Fall)
R&D Rotation: Learning Environments (Fall)
Problem of Practice Seminar II (Spring)
R&D Rotation: Evaluation (Spring)
Problem of Practice Seminar III (Summer)
R&D Rotation: Policy (Summer)

3 Dissertation of Practice Dissertation of Practice Seminar I (Fall)
Dissertation of Practice Study I (Fall)
Dissertation of Practice Seminar II (Spring)
Dissertation of Practice Study II (Spring)
Dissertation of Practice Seminar III (Summer)
Dissertation of Practice Study III (Summer)