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The ESL Community

Is there an ESL population in Pennsylvania?

There are approximately 42,542 students in Pennsylvania who are Limited English Proficiency (LEP), speaking in 175 different languages.


Is there a need for ESL teachers in Pennsylvania?

The number of English Language Learners (ELLs) in the State of Pennsylvania went up 110% in the last decade, which is almost twice as big as the national average (60%). There is a steadily growing demand in ESL education in the state.


Do I apply to the certificate and Masters programs separately?

After completing the course work for a certificate, you may continue your work at Duquesne University and complete the rest of the requirements for a Masters degree.


  • Credits Required for a Certificate: 16
  • Credits Required for a Masters: 30


How do I apply for financial aid?

For all scholarships and assistantships, you need to speak with your graduate program staff. Who receives this type of assistance is determined at the department or program level not by the Financial Aid office.  Eligibility for Graduate Student loans and Federal Work Study are determined by the Financial Aid office at Duquesne University.  See the financial aid website for more information - http://www.financialaid.duq.edu/index.html




Are any classes available online?



What time are classes offered?

Classes are generally offered after 5:30 to accommodate for most graduate students, who are teachers or hold other jobs during the year.


Do I have to come as a full time student?

No.  Students are encouraged to enroll as either part time or full time status.

  • Part Time: 1 course, 3 credits
  • Full Time: 2 or more courses, 6+ credits


Is there a PRAXIS exam for ESL in Pennsylvania?