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When can I start the Graduate Early Childhood Leading Teacher Program?

Candidates can start the program during the registration time of any semester, Fall (August), Spring (January) or Summer (May). For application information, contact the Graduate Office at 412.396.6091.

How long will it take me to complete the program?

There are three semesters I the academic year. The completion time is based on full or part-time status. Part–time is considered 3-6 credits a semester and full–time is considered 9-12 credits per semester.

How can I become a candidate?

Applicants with a Bachelor’ degree from an accredited college, university, or seminary will be considered for admission to graduate study. General admission on the reviewing of the official transcript of all previous study. Applicants may be accepted into graduate study with the following conditions:

  • A minimum overall 3.00 grade point average or
  • A minimum 3.00 GPA on the most recent 48 credits or-
  • A minimum of 2.60 overall GPA with qualifying scores on the Praxis PPST examinations (Reading, Writing, Mathematics). All of tests are offered computerized or traditional.

Additional information can be secured by contacting the Graduate Office.

Are there any required courses prior to formal admission in to the program of study?

Official transcripts will be reviewed to identify any deficiencies. If any exist, candidates will need to rectify the deficiencies prior to starting the program or during the Entrance Track of the program, which is the first 13 credits. These courses can be completed at the undergraduate level from Duquesne or other educational institutions such as a community college.

There are two specific state requirements mandated by the Department of Education.

  • At least six credits (or the equivalent) in college level mathematics SAT II Math level IC Assessment with a score of 560 or above may be considered the equivalent of three credits of mathematics. In addition, any advanced placement mathematics credits that appear on your institution’s transcript meet the equivalency definition. The math course must demonstrate mathematical skills that involve numerical calculation, computation, probability and statistics.

  • At least three credits (or the equivalent) in college level English Composition. SAT writing score of 600 or above is equivalent.

  • At least three credits in college level English literature.

  • Other PA requirements: the PRAXIS EXAM is required for all who are seeking certification. Four of the PRAXIS exams are required to be taken before the end of the Entrance Track, which is the first 13 credits in the program.

                 PPST Reading            
                 PPST Writing           
                 PPST Mathematics           
                 Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge     

             * All four must be passed before student teaching.


How can I obtain further information?

Additional information about the program can be addressed by contacting the Director of the Graduate Early Childhood Leading Teacher Program, williamsj@duq.edu .