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Frequently Asked Questions

What are unique features of the School Psychology Programs at Duquesne University?

Directed research sequence allows students to engage in research with faculty prior to completion of the dissertation and allows students to grow into independent researchers.

Supervised field experiences each semester of the program.

The opportunity to conduct research with faculty.

Nationally-recognized faculty.

Nationally-recognized students (e.g., national award, scholarship, and fellowship recipients, including the Division 16 Dissertation of the Year Award, and the Nadine Lambert and Irwin Hyman Memorial Scholarships).

An M.S.Ed. in Chid Psychology is awarded after 30 hours of graduate study.

Active graduate student organization.

The experience of learning, practicing, and living in a thriving urban environment.


How long are the Ph.D., Psy.D., and CAGS programs designed to complete?

All programs must be completed as a full-time student. The Ph.D. program requires five years, the Psy.D. requires four years, and the CAGS program requires three years to complete. The final year of each program is the capstone internship experience.

Do the Ph.D., Psy.D., and CAGS programs require separate applications?

No. There is one application for all three programs. Indicate that you would like to be considered for a single program, or any combination of the programs. If you are interested in all programs, you will first be considered for the Ph.D. program, then the Psy.D. program, and finally the CAGS program. If you are interested in the Psy.D. and CAGS programs, you will first be considered for the Psy.D. program and then the CAGS program.

When are applications due?

Applications for the School Psychology programs must be post marked by January 15th of each year.

What needs to be included in the application?

The instructions for what needs to be in the application are on the admissions webpage for each program and are included with a checklist directly on the application.

Are GRE scores needed for the Ph.D., Psy.D., and CAGS application? What is considered a competitive GRE score for this program?

GRE scores are required for application. Successful applicants are expected to have scores at least near the mean. GREs are only one part of the admission rubric, however. The GRE Psychology Subject test is not required for admission to any of the programs.

What other factors are considered for admission?

Personal statements, research experience, experience with children, letters of reference, interview performance, and thus, match with the program, are all thoughtfully considered during the review process.

How do I get an assistantship while a student in the School Psychology Program?

School Psychology Program students must apply for competitive graduate assistantships. The deadline for many graduate assistantships is mid-March, however, graduate assistantships may arise at any time during the year. Graduate assistantships require a student to work a designated number of hours per week. The compensation varies by graduate assistantship, but each does carry a stipend and tuition remission for a designated number of (fall, spring, summer) credits. Example graduate assistantships obtained by school psychology students include the following:

School Psychology Program

Shared School Psychology Program/Department Office: one position

School of Education/IDPEL

School of Education/Foundations and Leadership

Michael P. Weber Learning Skills Center

Residence Life

Power Center