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Course Syllabi

GPSY 505 Role and Function of the School Psychologist (pdf)

GPSY 511 Psychology of Learning (pdf)

GPSY 512 Psychological Testing (pdf)

GPSY 514 Human Growth & Development (pdf)

GPSY 614 Organizational Consultation for School Psychologists (pdf)

GPSY 618 Personality Assessment for Intervention (pdf)

GPSY 619 Child and Adolescent Development (pdf)

GPSY 623 Behavioral Interventions (pdf)

GPSY 625 Academic Interventions (pdf)

GPSY 662 Learning Disabilities (pdf)

GPSY 680 Consultation and Program Evaluation in Sp. Education (pdf)

GPSY 690 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology (pdf)

GPSY 691 Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents (pdf)

GPSY 691L Psychotherapy & Consultation Practicum (pdf)

GPSY 692 Individual Testing (pdf)

GPSY 692L Individual Testing Practicum (pdf)

GPSY 693L School Psychology Integrated Practicum (pdf)

GPSY 694 Psychology of Deviant Behavior (pdf)

GPSY 695 Child Neuropsychology (pdf)

GPSY 701/702 School Psychology Internship I & II (pdf)

GPSY 703/704 School Psychology Internship Seminar I & II (pdf)

GPSY 801 Social Systems and Developmental Psychopathology (pdf)

GPSY 804 Child Violence in Schools (pdf)

GPSY 808 Early Childhood and Low Incidence Conditions (pdf)

GPSY 810 Directed Research - Dr. Crothers (pdf)

GPSY 810 Directed Research - Dr. Hughes (pdf)

GPSY 810 Directed Research - Dr. McCallum (pdf)

GPSY 810 Directed Research - Dr. McGoey (pdf)

GPSY 810 Directed Research - Dr. Miller (pdf)

GPSY 810 Directed Research - Dr. Schmitt (pdf)

GPSY 811 Biological Basis of Behaviors (pdf)

GPSY 812L Doctoral Practicum

GPSY 813 Professional Seminar: Dissertation Research (pdf)

GPSY 814 Professional Seminar: Professional Development (pdf)

GPSY 815 Professional Seminar: Standards and Ethics (pdf)

GPSY 827 Classroom Discipline and Behavior Management (pdf)

GPSY 901/902 School Psychology Internship I & II (pdf)

GPSY 903/904 School Psychology Internship Seminar I & II (pdf)

GPSY 906 School Psychology Dissertation

CESD 805 Counselor Education and Supervision in Multicultural Society (pdf)

GCNE 554 Multicultural Issues in Counseling (pdf)

GCNE 556 Counseling and Consulting Theory (pdf)

GCNE 565 Therapeutic Techniques in Counseling (pdf)

GFDE 510 Basic Educational Statistics

GREV 510 Statistics I (pdf)

GREV 610 Statistics II (pdf)

GREV 611 Statistics III (pdf)

GREV 612 Statistics IV (pdf)

GREV 701 Research Methods and Design (pdf)

GREV 701P Research Methods and Design Practicum (pdf)

GSPE 570 Curriculum Perspectives, Adaptations and Issues K-12 (pdf)

PSYC 535 History of Psychology (pdf)